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Saboteur: The Lost Mines

Saboteur: The Lost Mines

Renfrew, New, 1 in stock
CAD$ 24.99
  • Description
    Saboteur - The Lost Mines is a stand-alone game that is instantly recognizable but packed with novel features that offer an entirely new gameplayexperience. Players break into competing dwarf clans as they build a path and race along it to reach long-forgotten mines brimming with gold silver and gemstones. A dragon guards one of the mines and players can play traps trolls thunderstorms and other obstacles along the forest path. But in true Saboteur fashion the biggest dangers come from teammates—saboteurs working for the other clan and selfish dwarves out only for themselves.

    • First-ever Saboteur board game
    • Builds on classic well-known gameplay with a new movement system team play a new kind of saboteur . . . even a dragon!
    • Combines cooperation competition treasure and treachery
  • Details
    Publisher: Amigo Games Inc.