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Secret Lair - Summer Super Drop - Mountain, Go

Secret Lair - Summer Super Drop - Mountain, Go

Sealed, 6 in stock
CAD$ 79.99
  • Description
    4x different foil alternate full-art Lightning Bolt cards
    1x code to redeem a card sleeve based on the Secret Lair drop Lightning Bolt card by Noah Bradley for use in MTG Arena**
    1x code to redeem one (1) non-foil copy of each card in Mountain, Go for use on Magic Online

    This drop celebrates the quintessential red spell: the humble and efficient Lightning Bolt. Whether it's destroying your opponent's mana dork on turn one or simply being hurled into their face, Lightning Bolt does it all, as long as "all" can be done with 3 direct damage. Each piece shows a different creature getting totally wrecked by the cruel and unforgiving power of nature (out of respect for the feelings of Ornithological Studies, Birds will be getting a pass). These full-art foil cards feature electrifying, brand-new art by Noah Bradley, Brigitte Roka, Robbie Trevino, and Alexis Ziritt.
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