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Secret Lair The Godzilla Lands

Secret Lair The Godzilla Lands

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CAD$ 99.99
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    The King of Monsters has arrived! Watch Godzilla stomp through five gorgeous landscapes. Keep an eye out for special appearances by fan-favorite monsters: Mothra, Rodan, and Hedorah! This drop includes five full-art basic lands in Japanese with illustrations by Jonas De Ro, Lucas Graciano, Lars Grant-West, Jenn Ravenna, and Grzegorz Rutkowski. CONTENTS: 1x Foil Full-Art Japanese Plains 1x Foil Full-Art Japanese Island 1x Foil Full-Art Japanese Swamp 1x Foil Full-Art Japanese Mountain 1x Foil Full-Art Japanese Forest MTG Arena Redemption: One (1) single-use code for one MTG Arena The Godzilla Lands Themed Sleeve (may be available later for separate purchase in MTG Arena).

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