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    The incredibly popular mouldline remover has been redesigned by the Citadel Tools team to be more useful than ever. This version of the Mouldline Remover includes a number of improved features: ... read more

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    Modern Citadel plastic kits are packed with details, extras, and add-on bits, including some very small pieces. The Citadel Tools design team had these fine details in mind when they redesigned the... read more

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    As many commanders of the Astra Militarum may know, getting an entire column of vehicles ready for the battlefield can be a daunting task, but it needn't be with the L Dry brush. Blessed with a lar... read more

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    When painting large models with Citadel Shade paints, it's important to get an even, smooth coat for best results. That's why our L Shade brush has the broadest tip of any Citadel brush, perfect fo... read more

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    Some days you just have to lay down paint on a big chunky boy like the Reaver Battle Titan, and even a dependable L Base brush isn't going to cut it for long. Instead, take a firm hold of the XL Ba... read more

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