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Board Game Accessories

Liliana Misson Mat MTG


Benefits to having playmats for your TCG or Board Game allows for better protection for your cards. Tables are not nearly as clean as people may think. Having a playmat will allow a longer life span for your cards keeping them clean and giving you a better chance at not placing them on a sticky surface! They also provide a way for you to show off your playing field in a neat and organized way. Playmats will also provide you with some really cool artwork too!

MTG Card Sleeves

Card Sleeves

There are many reasons you would want to have card sleeves, just like playmats.

  • You want to prevent marking caused by uneven use
  • You want to prevent marking caused by tears, folds, scratches and nicks
  • You want to protect the value of the cards
  • You want to protect the condition of the cards
  • The cards are difficult or expensive to replace
Different styles of Dice


Their use has been to allow players to progress around a game board, resolve combat actions, build combos and are often used to determine the starting player. Dice can also be used as life counters for games such as MTG. There are many different styles of dice, each one is used for specific purposes depending on the game. For example, a 20 sided die, would be used as a life counter for MTG.

Dungeons & Dragons


They are used to augment the visual aspects of a game and track position, facing, and line of sight of characters. Miniatures are typically painted and can be artfully sculpted, making them collectible in their own right. Pre-painted plastic figures, such as Clix miniatures produced by WizKids, have also become popular. The hobby of painting, collecting, and playing with miniatures originated with toy soldiers, though the latter were generally sold pre-painted.

Counter Markers for MTG


A counter can be used to represent different effects on a card, especially those that last beyond the current turn. Examples include +1/+1 counters, charge counters, and time counters. Richard Garfield created counters for Alpha to designate an increase in power and/or toughness, to track the gaining of resources, and to mark a permanent change.

Elephant Token


There are certain creatures that are represented by tokens, called Creature Tokens, these are treated the same as creatures. Tokens in a game are often represented by a facedown card or there are also token creatures such as soldier. They can range from small 1/1 creatures, to large, expensive creatures, such as Mirror-Sigil Sergeant.
In casual play, people generally don’t bother putting the token (coin/piece of paper/dice) in the graveyard because it’s removed right after, but it’s supposed to be put in the graveyard.

Deck Boxes

Deck Boxes

The best storage container is big enough to hold your cards when double sleeved with little to no movement. This also means that the cardboard deck boxes that come with many cards aren’t a great choice either. Many players may choose to go with a custom deck “tower” which holds two decks, damage counters, status tokens, and more. These offer the best protection and portability for a player’s decks. You can also find individual deck boxes to house your specific decks as well!

Liliana Binder MTG


Just like sleeves and deck boxes, another great way to store your cards for either board games or tcg is to use a binder. Some people who are actively changing out their decks will avoid using binders and keep to sleeves because of the amount they use different cards. However, if you are more of a collector, this is a great option for you. Most binders will be able to store up to 4 cards per sleeve, but keep in mind this will stretch the pockets out a bit. If your not to worried about playind and want to show off all of your cards, a binder is definitly the way to go!